When You Start to Miss Ceramics...

This blog has been a wonderful creative outlet for exploration as well as a platform to showcase my artwork. Although, screen printing has been an art form with which I have continued to experiment and have been passionate about for some time now, I also have a love for ceramics. Now seems as good a time as any to show some of my past work from back when I was in school.

A compilation of some of my dishware.

Eat or Be Eaten - Part I: After having thrown plenty of pots and cups, this porcelain giraffe was my first stab at ceramic sculpture. The series began with the intention of using irony and experimenting with the use of plates, with the animal's head displayed prominently on a plate that's painted and glazed with its main source of food.

Eat or Be Eaten - Part II: I wasn't completely satisfied with my first sculpture, but this particular piece eventually evolved into the true realization of the title - this idea of the plate directly relating to and interacting with the animal contained inside/on top of it.