Hum Studios

According to the County Clerk, Hum Studios is now officially official! What started as a casual challenge to stretch my imagination turned into a small business venture. I'm hoping to continue to diversify the products I offer and expand to even more shops in 2017. I love having the opportunity to foster relationships with buyers online and shop owners around Texas and Oklahoma. So far, Hum Studios has a presence in:

Norman, OK - STASH

Oklahoma City, OK - Blue 7

Austin, TX - Parts & Labour

& most recently Tyler, TX - 903 Handmade



I'm certainly excited to see where I can take this! Below are the links to Hum Studios' Etsy store & Instagram feed:

Making a Difference

Right around Christmastime, people are always the most generous - whether it's volunteering their time or donating food, clothes, or toys to an organization. This year, it's made me feel especially empty. Back in high school, I used to volunteer in my community all the time, and lately I've been wanting to be a part of something again where I can make a real difference. My time has been so consumed with the job search and making ends meet freelancing that volunteering has been on the back burner. I told myself that I wanted to get settled and have a full-time job before I committed myself to a non-profit or other organization.

I would absolutely love the satisfaction of working at an organization that works towards enacting social change for good. Throughout my senior year at the University of Oklahoma, I integrated social change campaigns into several of my projects - so many, that in order to accommodate other projects that showed diversity, I had to cut a few off. Here are a couple of the projects that didn't make it to my home page:


End Homelessness poster series

For this project, we were required to create a typographic-based vocabulary that is developed and applied to a series of three designed pieces. I created a socially-geared poster series that directed passerby to the website The main objective of these posters was to first grab the viewer's attention, then garner his or her sympathy. This could be done through big, bold images in a muted color palette and an unusual type treatment.


Technology Addiction PSA

My intention with this PSA was to shed some light on just how much time humans spend using technology. With the advancements the world has made with creating new and improving upon devices, it comes as no surprise that we (especially teenagers) spend so much time with our faces glued to screens.

Texas towels are here

My "Texas" graphic is completely finished and ready to be printed! So far I've made burgundy, mint, orange, and metallic gold towels. Eventually the graphic will be applied to long-sleeved tees as well once I get the towels up and off the ground.

Bridal Shower Invites

For my sister's bridal shower invite, I was allowed to have free reign with the aesthetic and colors.  It was very difficult to narrow it down to just one style, but I decided that hand lettered invites with subtle watercolor accents suited her personality best. This was one of my first stabs at hand lettering, so it took several hours of layering and piecing together stacks of ripped pieces of tracing paper until the whole invite came together and looked cohesive. Then came the process of screen printing and applying watercolor in layers to every invite, one at a time. which was also time-consuming but so worth it to see the excited look on her face when I revealed it to her.

I received a fantastic online response to these as well.

Oklahoma Prints

I did it. This semester, I finally took a serigraphy class. Now I only wish that I could've taken it sooner. I've loved learning screen printing because it's like this blend of clean graphics with the value of handmade art.

In order to hone my screen printing skills, I've started doing side projects to sell or even use as birthday presents. If there's anything I've learned while going to the University of Oklahoma, it's that we Oklahomans are very proud of our state. I've seen shirts, necklaces, even cutting boards in the shape of this beautiful state, so I decided to create a graphic of my own. I created and manipulated the Oklahoma image in Illustrator, then began translating it to a variety of different mediums, from paper to shirts to pillows. I already know that there's a market for this and creating these products will allow me to not only raise money to study abroad this summer but to also improve my craft.