Always Learning, Always Experimenting

This seems like an excellent opportunity to voice my thoughts on the importance of experimenting. I feel like once you graduate and start working a full-time job, it could become easy to succumb to the rhythm of a routine and allow your creativity to become stagnant. You might work with just one branding style for the company you work at or maybe not. Depending on the work you end up doing, it can be easy to feel as though your creativity is suppressed. That's why I try to come up with new ways to apply design and work to learn new skills. I love having side projects, even alongside all the school projects that I get and working part-time. To me, these exercises could become even more important once I've graduated and am no longer working with a variety of different kinds of projects at once.

I'm always trying to exercise my creativity and come up with new ways to demonstrate both my design/art skills and my entrepreneurial spirit. Throughout my college career, I've been working on expanding and advancing my skill sets to make myself as marketable as possible. I've found that creating for myself a network of friends and professionals is the best way to make my work more visible.