Oklahoma Prints

I did it. This semester, I finally took a serigraphy class. Now I only wish that I could've taken it sooner. I've loved learning screen printing because it's like this blend of clean graphics with the value of handmade art.

In order to hone my screen printing skills, I've started doing side projects to sell or even use as birthday presents. If there's anything I've learned while going to the University of Oklahoma, it's that we Oklahomans are very proud of our state. I've seen shirts, necklaces, even cutting boards in the shape of this beautiful state, so I decided to create a graphic of my own. I created and manipulated the Oklahoma image in Illustrator, then began translating it to a variety of different mediums, from paper to shirts to pillows. I already know that there's a market for this and creating these products will allow me to not only raise money to study abroad this summer but to also improve my craft.